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water collection & irrigation sysy

Faulkner County Urban Farming Project is raising funds for FC Urban Farming Project: Water Collection Irrigation System on Kickstarter! We are a student & community-based demonstration garden with plans to build a water collection and irrigation system.


Evan Lane is raising funds for Langly Camera Bags: Fashion + Function on Kickstarter! A fashionable camera bag made by a photographer for photographers.

Ordered this one today :)

I love Hello Kitty, but who at Old Navy thought of this random idea?

Fahamu - gazigazito.hu

10 Uses for Wood De-skunk pets hide stains on paving compost garden pests ice pond algae up tomatoes glass fireplace doors Make soap silver

community crops @ incubators

Community CROPS is raising funds for Build a Better Training Farm on Kickstarter! Developing our new incubator farm site to kickstart the next generation of farmers.

custom build bicycle

LisaRuth Elliott is raising funds for Lisaruth's Lovin' From the Oven Bicycle Trailer Breadmobile on Kickstarter! Lisaruth's Lovin' From the Oven is going on the road in a custom built bicycle trailer.

pals take away

jeff mason is raising funds for The Pal's Take Away relocation project on Kickstarter! Our plan to relocate Pal's

Galileo is an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for iPhones and iPod Touches.

Next-Gen iPhone Dock Offers Robotic Motion, Exciting Platform Potential

farming @ jobs

Marieta Easley is raising funds for For the Greater Green: A greenhouse for Slice of Heaven Farm on Kickstarter! We want to bring more wholesome organic produce to our community by building a greenhouse to expand efficiency.