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phhhhttttt... Ha. I Love this! It needs to be an ID photo on social media stuff or a T-shirt! Don't you just feel like this some times! Perfect caption. ~lg: Animals, French Bulldogs, Tongue, Pets, Frenchbulldog, Puppy, Frenchie

Jesse and Melissa...yes, the French Bulldog has become a "cool person's pet icon", but man, aren't these photos of the bully and its kid-buddy wonderful?!


french bulldogs

This little polka dot vest is *almost* as cute as this adorable little puppy!

French bulldog

happy french bulldog puppy. I will have one, and their name will probably be Frankie <3



Sebastian the French Bulldog

french bulldog

Don't worry, I'm being good!!

with a cherry on top // black & white french bulldog puppy. #animals #pet. Unconditional love: http://www.pinterest.com/newdirectionsbh/unconditional-love/

french bulldog

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French bulldog slleping

french bulldog

French Bulldog.

5 French Bulldog puppies you must see :)