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How can this happen? But it does. Which one describes you the best? Overwhelmed is my dilemma. So many pins, so many boards, so little time:)

Pretending to be a functioning adult is so exhausting.

everything I like is either illegal immoral fattening addictive expensive or impossible. ~ unknown

So true ... every guy thinks every girls' dream is to find the perfect guy ... pshh, every girls' dream is to eat without getting fat.

That's the problem with being the strong one. No one offers you a hang. -m.t.

I can't pin this enough. Sucks to think you are always there for certain people..then when you need someone to be there for you..their not there. But your a mean person when you do the same back to them. Damned if you do..damned if you don't

The truth, no matter how painful, is ALWAYS the right thing. When you lie and hide things, you lose respect. It doesn't reflect negatively on the person trusting you, but solely falls on your shoulders for taking advantage of the person trusting you. Honesty is an admirable quality many don't poses.

Bueller, Bueller, anyone ... anyone else suffer from this affliction? ; )

Hola! Do you know ----------?