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A great packet to create an out of this world writing portfolio with students!

Create a "fakebook" page for a character...very cool!

Free activity packet of writing, drawing, and reading activities for April Fool's Day... subhubonline.blogspot.com

Creating a story wheel is a simple way to get the kids responding to literature.

This poster was created to give students a visual cue of what letters make more than one sound.

This packet of reading responses will help your students comprehend when reading fiction, non-fiction, or even when they listen to a book/cd digita...

This worksheet provides practice in symmetry and shape recognition. Students use 2-dimensional shapes to create the other half of symmetrical butte...

3 page file with 30 name labels. Just type in your students' names to create your own labels for anything: cubbies, journals, homework folders, et...

These catchy and fun lyrics and melodies make learning effortless for achieving life-long educational goals. I wrote these songs and created these activities to teach my students for life; therefore, I use an innovative method for reaching multiple learning styles. My music has reached and impacted every student that has been in my classroom. The inter-connectivity of my plan allows you to create an engaging and fun learning environment.


on writing...

FREE! I created this rubric for our kindergarten team. We recently changed to a standards based report card that rates students' progress towards the standards on a 1-4 scale.



The Best Part of Me writing prompt

Writing Mini-Unit~ Students use a structured template, as well as transition and inference clues to practice creating logical, organized paragraphs. Students unscramble and then cut-and-paste eight-sentence paragraphs that can only be reconstructed one, best way. These no-prep printables help students practice creating logical, organized paragraphs. Each lesson builds on the last. Fun, easy, and ready-to-go! #paragraph #writing #organization

Teach your students how to properly embed quotations in their writing. CCSS Aligned. Includes ESL Differentiation. Writing. Grades 7-12. Teaching writing. Secondary English. High school. Middle school.

$ Are you looking for a way to help your students increase their feelings vocabulary in their writing? Try using these Feelings Word Walls during your writing lessons. Each product is available in color and black and white to meet your printing needs. Give your students the tools they need to improve their writing. The "right" word to describe feelings will be at their fingertips.

Use editable standards checklists to get and STAY organized. Use Excel or Word, or just quickly add students' names and hit print. Digital and paper- the best of both worlds! $

This Bundle combines four of my very popular writing strategy sets: Paragraph Color Coding and Outlining, Topic Sentences, Transitions in Writing, and Conclusion Sentences. Everything you need is here to help your students craft beautifully written paragraphs, and it is Common Core aligned! $

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