Elmo Veggie Tray!

Sesame street themed fruit and veggie trays! Sesame street themed fruit and veggie trays!

Get a little tropical with this snack perfect for your little ones!

Move Over, Martha! This Is Food Art For Real Moms

Looking for a healthy and FUN snack to give your kiddos! They will Flip over this super fun (and Delicious) Palm Tree Kids Snack! Perfect for after school, after dinner or anytime! See your kids gobble up there fruits with

Make mickey cookies using Oreos

Try Mickey Mouse Cookies - Disney! You'll just need 1 pack regular sized Oreo cookies, 1 pack mini Oreo cookies, Red candy melts, Chocolate candy melts.

Making little crab-esque croissants is adorable. I would use metal toothpicks or sleek wood, so that they are reusable. At the end of each pick glue on white and black dots, or googlie eyes. -SvH

Crab Sandwich for beach party theme. These would be so easy to do.whip up some stuffed crescent roll sandwiches, or mini croissant sandwiches and stick in eye ball skewers.must make a batch of eye balls on toothpicks for future use!

Use a muffin tin to prepare ice cream scoops ahead of time--then pop back in freezer! www.amumntheoven.blogspot.ca

Freeze ice cream scoops in a muffin pan before the party. Great time saver & much less messy at cake time. All true, but it is a little awkward to spoon I cream out of a muffin paper.

Mini Jello Aquariums - These Jell-O and candy filled treats are so fun for parties!!  Little ones love to see the candy fish "swimming" in the bowl.  Inexpensive, simple, and impressive!!

Mini Jello Aquariums - How CUTE is this? Mix plain jello with hot refrigerate in jar till set, put jelly beans in the bottom of another jar, dump the set jello on top of the jelly beans, cut a slit and add Swedish fish candy. A candy jello aquarium!


Party Fish Fruit Bowl From Watermelon Great for of July and any summer party. Watermelon fish stuffed with varieties of melon balls like honey dew, watermelon, and cantaloupes, blueberries and green grapes

Too cute yo gabba gabba vegetable tray

Absolutely love this! Brobee Veggie Tray: There's a party in my tummy, yummy yummy! Would the Tot eat more veggies if they were arranged in the shape of Brobee? Link also has other holiday (Halloween & Christmas) themed and Elmo veggie tray ideas.