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  • J. P.

    Spray paint some dollar store fangs for great card holders (name cards or food labels)

  • Kristy Halladay

    Vampire Teeth Place Card Holder. Spray paint cheap ones silver and use for food labels?

  • N L Bhalla

    Vampire teeth place card holder = spray painted dollar store teeth

  • Ramona Satinskas

    Halloween Party Idea: Vampire Teeth Place Card Holder (can also use to label the dish on a buffet table) - use silver spray paint if needed

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* I's add a pretty black burlap bow/ hanger. Make a Skeleton Halloween Wreath Project estimate: Wreath form, $1 Skeletons, about $5 Glue, on hand Spray paint, on hand or $1 and up

Hmmm.....I'm thinking dollar store skulls and dollar store solar lights.....

but instead of Halloween, something bright. And instead of a plate... clock?

Love this wreath......Kristina came across it for Halloween last year, and we never got around to making it. Why wait for Halloween to roll around again? And who's door is an annoying salesperson more likely to knock on? Your neighbors! With their boring flower wreath and cutesy welcome mat....nothing says don't even try to sell me some crap like a snake wreath. Think about it. : )

Pimp your dollar store jack o'lanterns with glitter and for trick or treating!

Glitter Sprayed Dollar Store Skull..glitter skulls $1 each and a 2 pack of battery powered tealight candles $1 for the pack. The wooden candlesticks are from a thrift store and paid a whole 74 cents for the set! DO NOT USE REAL CANDLES ~~

DIY Skeleton Wreath...Materials needed: 5 miniature skeletons, 4 ft of pipe insulation (or a craft store wreath if you’re fancy), duct tape, glue/glue gun, metallic spray paint (silver/black)

Creepy Halloween Bottles made out of oil & vinegar bottles from the dollar store

Unfinished wooden birdhouses, $1 each Black acrylic or spray paint, on hand or $1 and up Glitter spray paint, about $6 Masking tape (optional), on hand