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Type One Diabetes: Get The Facts! An infographic from Lauren's Hope! #T1D #TypeOneDiabetes #diabetes #infographic #laurenshope

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Dr. Paul Christo on

Good sleep techniques. Writing my concerns and stressors before bed really helps.

I disagree. Diabetes deserves such an ugly title because of how ugly it is. "Disease" fits it just fine. Yes, I didn't choose this lifestyle,but it's not even my lifestyle. Diabetes is on its own,I just fight against it. I don't include it in my life

The diabetic's pre-flight checklist and remember to pack extra testing strips!!!

The words that describe my life everyday. Type 1 diabetes ~ We need a cure!

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Virginia C. Brent on

Warm up to a bowl of this hearty Beef and Bean Soup. #soup #recipe |

I'm the Grandma of a Type 1 Diabetic Grandson and have watched him and my Daughter count the carbs on his plate. And then the reality of my eating habits hit me and I realize, "Oh, my goodness... I eat way too many carbs."

Until there is a cure all kids with Type 1 Diabetes (and parents of kids with T1D can do is be diligent in their "Self Care." And that isn't easy at all. As the grandmother of a T1D boy, I've witnessed all the many challenges that hardships that T1D presents. It's not an easy life for kids with T1D, so I pray daily for a cure.