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12 Million Women Ignore THESE Symptoms Of Thyroid Disorder. Do YOU Know The Signs?

Learn how to spot some of the early warning signs of thyroid issues.

Why should you change your diet when you have thyroid disease? Because the foods you eat directly affect your endocrine system. When given the proper nutrients, our bodies can begin the healing process.

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

Sitting Down WILL Kill You (Infographic)

Why sitting down for 8 hours is a bad thing....time to start jumping jacks around the office

A good reminder that food is fuel for the body, not a "fix" for feelings. Also, try not to let yourself get to the point of HUNGRY. You are more likely to make a poor eating choice. Instead keep yourself moderately full all day and you won't be tempted!

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The Figure Method for thinner thighs

Thinner thighs: 6 Moves to leaner legs Thinking this is added to my 20 minute workout! Good for runners! Hamstrings and Gluts need to be STRONG! (& my knees)

Living the Sweet Wifefrom Living the Sweet Wife

How to Make Working Out a Habit When You're too Busy and Unmotivated

There's so many times when I DO want to work out but I feel like life is pulling me in 100 directions and there's just no way I can make it work! It's hard! These are tips that actually work to get me motivated to work out whether it's at the gym, at the park, or in my own home.

How to Live Longer & Better

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6 Stretches to Prevent Rounded Shoulders

6 Stretches to Prevent Rounded Shoulders |

Sunshine and Skin Cancer #Safety #Infographic

More of the science behind lower one's intake of carbohydrates.

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13 Yoga Poses That Will Calm You Down & Bliss You Out (Infographic)

These simple yoga poses can help you get centered, alleviate stress just generally calm you down. What's not to love?