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"Light it up Blue" Autism Speaks is a champion for the autism community with their campaign in blue for autism awareness, we wanted to echo that call. Autism lives with us, all around us... This weeks art is purposed to show its positive contributions to our lives.

Our lantern illustration is nothing short of the the call to join in the celebration of positive aspects of those we know in our lives with autism.

An illustration of a colorful bulb encouraging us to shine a light on autism by understanding what it is and the people with autism.

Autism did not stop Einstein, Mozart, Newton or Temple Grandin...

I got the T-shirt in this design. Part of the Proceeds go to the Autism Society :) UNDERSTANDING AUTISM 2014 CHARITY TEE

Temple Grandin. So true for me as well. I think in pictures not in words.

Temple Grandin said it best when she said "I think all of Silicone Valley is made up of people who have some form of Autism"

Kids with autism are inspiring and awesome... support them by picking up a shirt and HEAR THEM ROAR! Each purchase helps provide communication tools to these unique individuals -->

Autism, where every success is worth more than money can buy.

Understanding Autism For Dummies by Linda G. Rastelli, Stephen Shore, Temple Grandin (Foreword by)

Temple Grandin on Autism. Got to hear this interesting woman lecture last night.