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April is National Cancer Control Month. Things like maintaining a healthy weight, cutting out tobacco use, and exercising regularly can cut down your risk of cancer.

Reduce Your Cancer Risk Through Diet, Lifestyle, And Preventative Measures:

How To Make A Difference During Cervical Cancer Awareness Month:

Have A Heart And Celebrate National Blood Donor Month:

Reduce A Child's Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer Later In Life: Breast cancer does not affect children and it rarely affects teens, but breast cancer is something that may be possible to be prevent early on. Learn more at #breastcancer

June 1 Is National Cancer Survivors Day. Learn how to make a difference this month at

May Is National Melanoma And Skin Cancer Detection And Prevention Month:

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and Friday, March 7 is #DressInBlueDay! Read our newest blog post to learn how to make a difference!

Learn About The Risk Factors For Birth Defects This January:

In the United States, almost 13,000 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer every year. Because of this large number, it is important that we celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month every September. Learn more at

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September Is National Ovarian Cancer Month

September Is National Ovarian Cancer Month #ovarian_cancer #ovarian #cancer #month #september #fight #survive #thrive

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Lung Cancer Risk Factors [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lung Cancer Risk Factors [INFOGRAPHIC] #lung_cancer #infographic

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Secrets of lung cancer drug resistance revealed

Lung Cancer (infographic) #lung_cancer #infographic

Breast Cancer infographic #breast_cancer #infographic

Killer Sunshine - Skin Cancer info: Protect yourself! #infographic #sunshine #skin #cancer #skin_cancer

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All About Testicular Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

All About Testicular Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC] #infographic #testicular_cancer #men #mens_cancers #cancer #testicular