• Sonya Alexander

    Diaper bag organization = Travel bag ideas

  • Barbie Ward

    Diaper bag kits for owies, hunger, and boredom. Make life easier with clear, zippered bags perfect for grabbing on your way out the door. Pack one for each of your needs, such as kids' activities or a first aid kit, and stick on a cute adhesive label to keep things organized.

  • Helen Phelps

    Great baby shower gift! Some good ideas for things to have in the car. Snack bag, activity bag, outdoors bag, first aid kit, and BABY WIPES.

  • Hattie Peyron

    Some good ideas for organizing the diaper bag. Snack bag, activity bag, outdoors bag, first aid kit, and baby wipes.

  • Strong N Graceful

    travel packs to keep in the car such as first aid, activity bag, snack bag etc...this would be a good idea to keep my diaper bag organized

  • Sue Teepe

    Some good ideas for things to have in the car (especially on road trips with kids) Snack bag, activity bag, outdoors bag, first aid kit, and baby wipes

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