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  • Erica Steussie

    Empty boxes. This goes for milk cartons too!

  • Lacey Dahlstrom

    Pet Peeve - Dear Family, Thanks for putting empty boxes back in the cabinet. There's nothing like having disappointment for breakfast.

  • Shelby Davis

    This Literally happens everyday at my house!! Funny Family Ecard: Dear Family, Thanks for putting empty boxes back in the cabinet. There's nothing like waking up to disappointment for breakfast.....this is sooooo my family!!

  • Julie McGee

    So true :-/ omg my dad does this !!

  • Amy Mattson

    LOL, so true. I get even more frustrated finding empty boxes in the freezer though!

  • Becky Sprout

    In our house, we say the box fairy forgot to stop by when the kids leave empty boxes in the pantry!

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