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Dr. Oz's 7 day belly workout cheat sheet. just doing this excercise once isn't going to make a sudden miraculous change to your body but i've found that doing them on a regular basis has helped tone my stomach more. (despite by bad diet!)

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Thinking this would be good to do at a family reunion.

Parasite remedy: Wormwood Tea-3 cups a day for 10 days MAXIMUM!, Black Walnut Oil-1,000mg 3x/day for 6 weeks, 2 Cloves of Garlic/day indefinitely if you like. This alternative method works 75% of the time. Seek out physician who can perform the 7-8 tests on a stool sample to find out if you have them. The current and outdated gold standard test (one test) does a very poor job of determining today's parasites. (Information taken directly from the Dr. Oz program on parasites.)

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Know the symptoms of ovarian cancer! This is the Dr. Oz One Sheet. Great stuff!!! Let's save a life!! It could be yours or someone you love!

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