shirley jones

Shirley Temple, 1930s

Shirley Temple

Davy Jones


Sylvester Stallone was born Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone (7/6/1946) in New York City, to Frank Stallone, Sr. (1919–2011), a beautician, & Jacqueline "Jackie" Stallone (née Labofish), an astrologer, former dancer, & promoter of women's wrestling. He attended Notre Dame Academy & Lincoln High in Philadelphia. He later attended Charlotte Hall Military Academy, Miami Dade College & the University of Miami.

On leave from the Air Corps, Colonel James Stewart plays a duet with his mother at the family home in Indiana. September, 1945

Vivien Leigh, age 9.

John Voight with little Angelina Jolie

Clint Eastwood

Pierce Brendan Brosnan - as a child born 1953

Sandra Bullock

Robin Williams ~ 1969

Liza Minnelli, Gene Kelly

Dean Martin before he was famous

Young Tommy Lee Jones

Shirley Temple

Brooke Shields

John F. Kennedy (Kennedy Family Collection, John F. Kennedy Library)

The Kennedy Family: Caroline and John John. I remember this all too well.

Elizabeth Taylor with her children Michael Wilding Jr. Christopher Wilding and Liza Todd