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Wuyi Mountain

Abandoned cemetery by Renegadeofpeace This must have been beautiful in it's day.

Lovely, but creepy, cemetery statue

she'd be banned from some cemeteries...

viα spells-of-life: Angel statue in the graveyard of Trzic, Slovenia by ~lordradi ~Whispering Stones~

How wonderful the parents or whoever commissioned this monument made this child smiling. They knew she was free from all suffering and that she was going to a better place.

In love forever♥...one of THE most beautiful pieces of cemetery art I've ever seen.

George S. Bangs, Inventer of the Railroad Mailcar, Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

Ghent Brilliant detail. You can see the weave of the dress fabric and the rose is so well done, you can almost smell the fragrance.

We love this helpful graphic to understand what tombstone symbols represent. Credit: http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/a-graphic-guide-to-cemetery-symbolism

Cemetery art. This is beautiful but it would creep me the F out.

cemetery art

A small gravestone at Highgate Cemetery in London. ("The beautiful cat endures" was an inscription carved at Thebes.) I do not know who Anna Clare Bootle was, but her grave brought tears to my eyes.

Angel | 天使 | Ange | ангел | Angelo | Angelus | ángel | Wings |

"love is a rose #1" by Thomas Lieser on Flickr - An Art Nouveau Statue, Vienna, Austria

Fairview Cemetery in New Albany, IN

The Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy - CALCAGNO Family circa 1904; Sculptor: Adolfo Apolloni (1855-1933)

Logie Angel - so lifelike ... cemeteries are like art museums ... there's always at least one or two, even in a small burial ground

A statue of a sleeping angel in Highgate Cemetery John Gay:Photographer Photographer: John Gay

You're here, and when you go through them, you're there. They're beautiful, meaningful or just fun. They're doors, roads, bridges, corridors, wardrobes, or event horizons. They're portals.

Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris How moving. A weeping woman statue