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Wuyi Mountain

Wuyi Mountain ~ These mysterious hanging coffins are located in the Fujian Province. It is an ancient Asian funeral custom. They are said to appear in the Chinese history, as early as in the Zhou Dynasty (1027-777BC)

Coffin shaped hole for pauper burials, Youghal town wall - An empty coffin was once stored here for paupers who could not afford a coffin burial. Their bodies were temporarily laid in the coffin before being carried to the grave and buried in a shroud. The coffin would then be returned to await the next pauper funeral.

Shen Zhou, Lofty Mount Lu, Ming dynasty, 1467. Hanging scroll, ink ank color on paper, 6' 4 1/4" x 3' 2 5/8"

Bonaventure Cemetery

Gravestone Carver

Prague Flora Cemetery

Heidi Pataki - Zentralfriedhof Wien

Nürnberg, Germany cemetery

Chinese Paintings from the Henricksen Collection: Huang Ding Chinese, 1660-1730 Lofty Mt. Lu After Shen Zhou, 1726 Hanging scroll, ink and slight color on paper Lent by Mrs. Rodney P. Henricksen

Grave stones


These handprints represent women who comitted Sati (alternatively, suttee), “a funeral practice among some Hindu communities in which a recently-widowed woman would either voluntarily or by use of force and coercion immolate herself on her husband’s funeral pyre.”

Awww....I like this! A unique tombstone with a window


Owned by the City of New Orleans, Holt Cemetery was established in 1897 as a potter’s field for the poor. The agreement with the city is for the $ 450 cost of each burial, each funeral plot is free for a family to use as long as they want & as long as the holders maintain their own plot. A multiple burial is allowed after one year plus a day following the preceding burial. Because the water table in New Orleans is high, grave diggers only dig 4 ½ feet down.

Woods and Valleys of Mount Yu Ni Zan (Chinese, 1306–1374)

Looking up at the lonely abandoned grave, I realized that whoever was inside had a terrible history.


Maryland Embalming House. Sign reads: "Andrew J. Grimes & Sons - Gen. Merchandise - Undertakers - Funeral Directors & Embalming"

Pictured: These early-medieval stone graves near Heysham, Lancashire, may be familiar from a Black Sabbath LP cover. For Sheila Rock they evoke many subsequent deaths, including those of the Chinese cockle-pickers in nearby Morecambe Bay in 2004. "When the water comes in, anyone caught gets enveloped by the sea." Viking remains are also found near where St Patrick is said to have landed. "It's hugely atmospheric"