guinea fowl eggs

araucana chicken eggs

Guinea Fowl

Easter Egger Chickens lay beautiful eggs <3 Going to have 6 of this girls! Can't wait to see these fun colored eggs!

Guinea Fowl

guinea fowl

So cute! And guinea fowl make such funny noises.

Helmeted Guinea-fowl

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl

Keeping Guinea Fowl

Love my guineas!

How to Stop an Egg Eating Chicken

Guinea Fowl For The Garden

Guinea Fowl Roost

Guinea Fowl Eggs: a taste explanation

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl Eggs

Guinea Fowl are the absolute best way to rid your garden of SQUASH BUGS. A pair of guineas will pick off those bugs and eat them before you even know the bugs are there. Guineas are not like chickens, who would scratch up the entire garden and eat everything in sight. Guineas are delicately selective eaters of insects and seeds. Guineas also eat a host of other insect pests. They eat ticks ravenously, and they love coddling moths.

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