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The cry of the Guinea fowl is a common sound in South Africa. These frantic, silly animals are sometimes referred to as "bush chickens".

Guinea Fowl----We have a flock of these wonderful birds. Noisy, but great bug-eaters -- especially good for grasshoppers & ticks. They don't scratch like chickens who can destroy flowerbeds.

This is a guinea fowl crossed with a chicken...This is how we end up with crazy crossmated animals that turn on a dime into treacherous beasts! This is a sick world - leave natures workings to Jehovah!!!

Are you tired of paying high supermarket prices for fresh eggs? If you are, then raising your own chickens may be the answer for you! By raising your own chickens you can select interesting breeds ...

Homesteading (4): Raising chickens guinea fowl and geese

guinea fowl- great for eating insects in the garden without damaging the plants. Good watchdogs too, if anything new comes on the place you hear about it/them! (this includes any snakes they see)

This is a guinea fowl crossed with a chicken —

Guinea Fowl is the absolute best way to rid your garden of SQUASH BUGS. A pair of guineas will pick off those bugs and eat them before you even know the bugs are there. Guineas are not like chickens, who would scratch up the entire garden and eat everything in sight. Guineas are delicately selective eaters of insects and seeds. Guineas also eat a host of other insect pests. They eat ticks ravenously, and they love coddling moths, whose larvae rid

Helmeted Guinea-fowl (Numida meleagris): Lives on the savannah and in the bush eating insects and seeds. They enjoy eating ticks and that possibly reduces the spread of lyme disease.