Buy white mugs and paint funny things on the bottom. (Pigs nose, Moustaches, etc...) make great gifts. christmas

Animal face mugs. Buy 99 cents store mugs and have kids "paint" faces on them with sharpie

DIY: Piggy or any other animal mug using Sharpies and baked at 350 for 30 minutes.

funny mustache coffee mugs - can use a ceramic paint marker to draw on plain white mugs @Emily Schoenfeld Taylor u so need this collection..

(1) Buy plates from Dollar Store, (2) Write things with a Porcelain 150 Pen, (3) baked for 30 mins in the oven and it's permanent.

Boob scarves. Evidently they come in different sizes and with tattoos.

Long distance BFF coffee mugs. I might just have to do this!

10 Creative Things to do with Cans

"I've been looking into this Sharpie mug 350 degrees craft and it looks as though many people have been experiencing fading or the colors coming off altogether. Therefore, I would like to share this blogger's page. She explains to the tee how she cooked her mug at 425 for 30 minutes and then left the mug to cool in the oven. The results: a permanent cup at last! -- good because I did this once at 350 and the sharpie washed off!"

DIY Farm Animal Mugs

draw with sharpie on ceramic mug, then bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees to set sharpie.

DIY initial sharpie mug

Awwww how sweet!! Definitely need to do this for some dear friends I've been missing!

33 crafty things to make with clothes pins

etch funny sayings into the bottom of your pans

get well soon. such a cute idea

31 insanely easy and clever diy projects...#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

"best friend coffee mugs"

MUST PIN! Easy dotted Sharpie Mugs. Full tutorial by Designer trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

DIY Painted Mugs - That Won't Wash Away {Craft}