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Someday... I won't have to feel a twinge of guilt using that *one* super cute skein of yarn that I bought from the clearance rack. There can be a constant influx of delightful fibers!

A great selection of dyeable Natural Yarns! Now 54 different yarns to choose from! Dharma Trading Company

NOTE: NEED TO WORK W/ LINEN THREAD, holds much better in water than cotton for making Bracelets. Linen yarn thread ~ namolio

Rio single ply handspun art yarn by MagnoliaHandspun on Etsy.


My great grandmother used to keep her yarn this way. Brings back such good memories.

joining ends of t-shirt yarn. love this diagram. need for when i finish cutting up my old sheets

Knitting Tip – Hiding Your Ends. OMG, why didn't I think of that?! I bet it works well! Trying this on my next project. -M.

Do you hate the jog when knitting stripes in the round? Try this tip for knitting jogless stripes.

@Geneive Hoppner more wonderful for you too do! Embroidery over a seam in knit or crochet