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  • DJ

    Bizarre Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra Netherlands-based artist Redmer Hoekstra draws fascinating composite illustrations that merge animals and everyday objects or machines, like an owl with books for wings. At times he even brings three or more forms together. Whether you regard the pieces as humorous or slightly disturbing, it’s hard to deny the ingenious way each creature is formed.

  • Josie Tech

    Book Owl. Bizarre Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra Merge People and Animals with Everyday Objects illustration animals

  • Mary Holland Russell

    Bookowl / Buholibro, ilustración de Redmer Hoekstra

  • B-Side Magazine

    Ilustraciones de @RedmerHoekstra. Más info e imágenes --> #arte #inspiración

  • K. Fairbanks

    Redmer Hoekstra Drawings 12 #AnimalArt #Art #Owl