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i'm not pregnant or anything but this is super nifty..

DIY Fabric Hanging Cradle Sewing Pattern (Hmm, interesting) maybe make one for a friend.

Una hamaca con una sábana y una mesa

Una hamaca con una sábana y una mesa

someday i'll be the cool gramma who shows my grand-kids how to make one of these. :) Under the table hammock.I made table tents when my kids were little.but no hammocks:))

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8.Hamaca bebe Koala                                                                                                                                                      Más

This wonderful Baby Hammock and Stand allows parents to keep their babies close to them at home and in the garden. The Koala is light weight and can be set up quickly and easily. Active parents can relax anywhere while their babies are swinging comfortabl

Flexiwieg van Kindekeklein – de hang wieg die óók kan staan.

Baby cradle - KINDEKEklein® hanging cradle, twin cradle and suspended/standing cradle l Cradle - The KindekeKlein twin cradle.

The internet is full of pretty pictures isn't it? This one made me stop in my tracks as I double plus love the idea of making this hanging cradle for a friend as I have several with recent additions to their family. Do you like the idea of a baby trapeze (joking)? Or does this set up seem a little too circus-y for you?

Make This: Hanging Fabric Cradle From Etsy

DIY Fabric Hanging Cradle Sewing Pattern (Hmm, interesting) maybe make one for a friend. it's a hammock. for a BABY! It would be easy to put hooks in the ceiling so you can take it down from guest room when baby leaves :)

What a great way to have your child involved with you in the kitchen. Carpenter in the house anyone?

My granddaughters could use this idea. I don't have any kids. But I think this is a pretty genius idea for those who do have kids and need a safe tall stool for kids to stand on to help with cooking, crafting, you name it.

I'm seeing this on my back patio to hang a sun shade curtain.  would also make a cool way to make a backdrop to our hammock area

What a nifty idea. could use inside or outside to hang a sun shade curtain or misc items from. Just need a couple S hooks, a branch, two eye hooks and some curtain rings.