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Pretty much my exact reaction pahahaha!

Toothless!!!! I watched How to Train Your Dragon 9 times in a row one day. It made me happy haha.

I want one. I want one so bad.

Toothless plush and tons of other plushies of like pokemon n stuff! amazing! magnastorm.devian...

Toothless_vs__Llama_by_carpenoctem410. I JUST LAUGHED TOO HARD!!!!!!!!!! and Toothless is MUCH cuter than some smelly lama!!!!!!!

That last face hahaha Check more at

had to repin for my daughter that is obsessed with dragons and just sure that they are real...

Okay, that, good. Huh, you're smiling, Toothless! That is....ooookay, I did not need to see that. Like and repin if you find this disturbing and hilarious at the same time!

Toothless plush(*MagnaStorm on deviantART) - I REAAAAAALLY WANT THIS!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics

How To Train Your Dragon Gif Toothless

Oh my gosh!!! Hahahaha!!!!! Laughed so flipping hard at this! Hahahaha! Rolling on the floor!