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El brillante color de rosa - cielo azul frasco de collar - plata - negro

Todo en el jardín brillaba... Mi collar favorito! El frasco de cristal es un poco más de 1,35 pulgadas de altura y un poco más de.85 pulgadas de ancho.


Usually not one to go off the traditional look with my hair, but I think I could handle a more blueish tone such as this, and like it!

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How to Dress Professionally on a Teacher’s Income

Im in love with this outfit and it needs to be in my closet NOW... and I also need some place to wear it..

Again, the under bust rouching and the tie(?) around waist would compliment my inverted triangle shape best and make me look less top heavy.

@hairbesties_ PrisMetallic Hair using silver Metallic and Violet metallics with Violet blue and red boosters @kenraprofessional on my friend @caymanvanderbur

Navy blue eye shadow: Perfect regardless of the shade of your eyes. Constantly find myself relying on dark blues to enhance my hazel eyes and create a classy evening look.

This blue and silver color melt leaves us breathless! Multiple shades of blue hair color and silver hair color by Caitlin Ford colormelt braid