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    Parpallo, Spain

    Petroglyphs of Castriño de Conxo - Santiago de Compostela - Galicia - Spain

    Homo antecessor, incomplete skull from "Gran Dolina", in Atapuerca, Spain (

    visigoth kingdom

    Deer and Cup-and-ring motifs in a Neolithic/Bronze Age petroglyph. Tourón, Pontecaldelas, Galicia, Spain.

    Labirinto do Outeiro do Cribo, A Armenteira, Meis, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain. Possibly dating from as early as the Bronze Age (though rock carvings are notoriously difficult to date with certainty).

    Excavations at the site of Gran Dolina, in the Atapuerca Mountains, Spain, 2008

    The two Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley (Portugal) and Siega Verde (Spain) are located on the banks of the rivers Agueda and Côa, tributaries of the river Douro, documenting continuous human occupation from the end of the Paleolithic Age. Hundreds of panels with thousands of animal figures (5,000 in Foz Côa and around 440 in Siega Verde) were carved over several millennia, representing the most remarkable open-air ensemble of Paleolithic art on the Iberian Peninsula.(UNESCO WHS)

    Cueva de El Castillo / El Castillo cave, en Puente Viesgo #Cantabria #Spain #Prehistoria #Paleolitico #Prehistory #Paleolithic #Travel

    Hand stencils and the outlines of animals dominate "The Panel of Hands" in Spain's El Castillo cave. One of the stencils has been dated to earlier than 37,300 years ago, and a red disk goes back at least 40,800 years, making them the oldest cave paintings in Europe.

    Museo y cuevas de Altamira, en Santillana del Mar #Cantabria #Altamira #Prehistoria #Paleolitico #Prehistory #Paleolithic #Spain #Travel

    prehistoria,agujas, plaquetas parpallo, pensamiento abstracto

    La escultura funeraria de Don Rodrigo, es posiblemente una de las obras escultóricas de más delicada ejecución de finales del siglo XV. Esta espectacular panorámica nos permite apreciar la vestimenta y armamento del caballero al completo

    Pendientes de terracota policromada fenicios