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Garage sale find

Don't let old suitcases rot in garage storage! Take them out and restyle them into functional end tables with character!

Update old/thrift store/garage sale dishes with spray paint - what a great, inexpensive party decor idea! #DIY #partydecor

Easy DIY Chalkboard from Art made from ugly country scene glass-framed art. Cheap but looks great in the end.

I love finding old vintage frames at thrift stores and garage sales, painting them, adding chicken wire, and using them to display earrings and other jewelry in my flea market booths. | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

Upgrade a $8 Garage Sale with Color and Wallpaper .

20 Creative Furniture Hacks :: Turn an old file cabinet into garage storage!

$10 yard sale playhouse $25 spray paint and tape $35 best investment I've ever made by lorene

Repupose Your Baby's Crib Into a Chalkboard Easel, Garden Trellis, Drying Rack & More!

I had to make myself quit going to garage sales on saturday mornings. It was becoming a problem! :)

bhg.com I love to repurpose furniture or anything else for my home!

Spray-paint an ugly thrift store/garage sale find to give it new life :)

This is a cool way to recycle old crutches you may have laying around. If not and you like this idea they are not hard to find. I see them all the time at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales. All you need is an old set of crutches, some scrap lumber, maybe a hand saw to cut the boards to length, some paint if you choose to paint your shelves.

When you're on the hunt for a good find, the key is looking at discarded furniture and envisioning what it could become and then breathing new life into old garage sale finds​. We're currently obsessed with a makeover that actually transformed a dresser into a Volkswagen bus.

DIY Upholstered Tufted Coffee Table

Trike gardening: Paint a garage sale find child's bike in one color and display it in the garden with flowers - by >Junky, Funky, Rusty, and Re-purposed by Sue< on FB

Every summer I love to go garage sale hunting and always see old dingy little tike cars! Now the next time I see one i’m going to bring it home and give it a makeover! I rounded up the most creative cozy coupes I could find on Pinterest so click on the links under the photos …

Shop yard sales like a pro - how to find great sales, pick out the best stuff, and get amazing deals

great easy thrift store idea or dollar store baby kiddie shovel and decorations!

A Craigslist find vintage desk is worn-out and needing a lift. A teenage boy brings it back to being an vintage beauty by Prodigal Pieces www.prodigalpieces.com #prodigalpieces

[Mr. Goodwill Hunting]: BEFORE and AFTER have the tables, still deciding if I should switch basket and play area spots...