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    Unbelievable Magic Dads Perform

    so true

    I couldn't help laughing. One of the best responses I've seen to the "money can't buy happiness" saying.

    Don't criticize!

    True Life


    Zoe Monten Annie Fine Mady Gulon Elaine Ellefson

    @Jennifer Milsaps L Roach you were so amused with the "some people need a high five in the face with a chair" thing I thought I'd show you this! haha

    poor king lizard

    Road rage again


    The Michael Scott Words of Wisdom- Oh The Office.



    so true


    True Life.

    Bro tip

    oh dang, the truth is out... i will never be able to say "that's crazy" with a clear conscience ever again!

    this is so accurate, ugh


    yes. a thousand times yes. shiaaaaaa.


    Monday, Monday, Monday...