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WORST Senior Photos EVER!

Senior picture gone wrong....terribly wrong.

So clever! Maybe not the right thing for MY house as I am not such a huge Hunger Games fan, but it's still a cute printable.

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19 People Who Are Doing Snapchat Just Right

From "#NotYourTerrorist tackles anti-Muslim prejudice" story by The Stream on Storify —

I did not know this was such a problem.


He was sorta asking for it…

Internet responds to victim getting revenge on rapist


Marriage in a picture…

This guy gets it.

Australians are funny

Australians are funny

Oh, you silly Australians…

Australians are funny

This certainly identifies my age, doesn't it? To me, these are paste jars for students, film containers, instruments when filled with beads, tip money holder/sorters, purse size Vaseline holders, "mystery game" containers, and more. Where did time go?


There two types of people…

So true!!

Because fifteen dollars an hour and a hundred thousand dollars an hour mean the same thing to them: more than you deserve.

How to interact with the introverted