• Cristi Tovar

    Baby Girl remember when your cat Midnight could not get enough of make the door stoppers in the house make that God awful sound!!!! At 3:00am in the morning boooonnnngggg, booooonnnngggg and Taz sitting next to him with that look. You know the one of superiority but intrigued while looking at Midnight like he was insane.

  • Bethany Clawson

    So true! Why yes, yes I did play the door stopper...

  • Andrew Hansen

    My children and my cat.

  • Jenn Racek

    So true, and my son is especially skilled as well :)

  • Sheli Thompson

    and made an awesome cat toy til 3am when he decided to play with it :)

  • Tori kiesling

    hours of childhood amusement

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