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  • Katie Sior

    AWESOME!! tells it like it is baby!

  • Charlotte Ward Brown

    A Lesson in Liberal/Democratic Party Hypocrisy

  • Gone_Social Marketing

    The Left's War on #Christianity. Liberals believe Christians should be mocked, impugned, and driven from the public square at every opportunity, except when there's an election coming up.

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Obama's Dream Nearly Fulfilled ~> USA on Brink of Civil War ~> Wall to Wall Video Reports

Look who is talking! The real war on women is from the White House. They lost money and jobs more than anyone. Women want jobs to feed their family. We need economic strength .

I am tolerant of many things out of respect for the fact that not everyone thinks exactly like me. I am NOT tolerant of the Muslims since they, as a whole, wish for my death.

Liberals...(Human sacrifice is fine...guns for lawful self defense...EVIL...WOW!). Believing that the government would never deceive you for its own agenda....priceless.)

Che Guevara Quotes On Freedom Che flier

IRS & Obama's Election... Obama and a few upper IRS A$$HATS should be in prison over this....

....and it's disgusting that THE DEVIL in The White House is making it possible for this to happen ON PURPOSE.

Share if you agree corporations should not take over our elections.

REALITY CHECK: OBAMACARE SUPPORTERS SHOCKED BY OWN PREMIUM INCREASES - "Of course, I want people to have health care," Vinson said. "I just didn't realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally."

The Illusion of Choice: 6 Media Giants Control 90% America’s News & Entertainment - this is why we can't get the facts - 5/6 are so left wing, it's ridiculous. [horrible colors in the infographic BTW]