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    Tonight was the last Music Fest on Gardenia Street for this season. All told about 15 or so played their instrument or Yodeled. Well only Homer yodeled, all the rest up front had an instrument. It was a good evening of singing.

    This is probably the first evening in months that no children were playing in this section of the park. There was one lone man fishing, one lone guy bouncing a basketball, one lone man sweeping the shuffleboard court. And a few people.

    Instead of peeping in they are peeping out the window.

    There are only two photos on my camera from today and both of them are me, myself & I. Anna Mary Stoltzfus took these this morning. I wasn't out except for an early Easter dinner at Levi & Anna Beachy's. I enjoyed the evening eating and visiting around the table until the sun was setting and so I biked home while it was still daylight...Katie Troyer


    Of course she was blissfully unaware I am photographing her while she is snapping at the flower garden across the street from her grandparents' Paul & Ann Miller.

    Tonight I was in the mood to photograph flowers that have been planted by people. Then to my delight when I was shooting at the Laundromat this little girl showed up and helped herself to one flower. She took it to her grandma whom she was visiting with her Mother and younger sister.

    Pinecraft has gone to the dogs. Here is the evidence with whacky off the wall women walking the street.

    Back in the early 1970's I was Wilma Mast's first grade teacher. She was the cutest, tiniest, skinniest little girl back then. This is her 40 years later with her husband and son. I don't know how many other children they have. Apparently time waits for no one. We grow up. We change. We move on into the next generation. Such is life and has been for thousands' of years.

    "I never did any Rumspringa when I was young, but now that I am getting up in age I do want to get a good taste of it. So for the last month or so I have been going out on Saturday nights and do Rumspringa through Pinecraft. The group various in size but tonight there were four loads folks out Rumspringa. These are all blurry, so they can't be identified. "

    Last but not least I met Marcus Wengerd and his children, the present owner of Carlilse Printing in Walnut Creek Ohio.

    Geauga County mother and daughter waiting to board the bus.

    Sam Miller one of the drivers with an Oxen yoke going for Berlin Ohio. I hope they don't need to use it on the way up.

    Milt Yoder ran his Shuttle bus transporting his neighbors Eddie & Alta Chupp and all their goods they want to take up north with them. Eddie & Alta are Winter Birds and stay six months. Naturally they have a lot more totes and suitcases to take back and forth.

    All of these Holmes County women and their husbands went home; Paul Mabel, Junior Schlabach Katie Ann, Dave Dannie Mattie and Nick Orin Danny Elizabeth. Elizabeth is Marlene's daughter.

    The two girls in the first two pictures are cousins. They are John & Marlene Miller's grandchildren from Ohio. Marlene wrote her story in "Grace Leads Me Home" and was down here on Friday for a book signing at Troyer's. I sort of think these girls make after their mothers who make after Grandmother Marlene. They are very lively and original.They both boarded the bus to go home. I will miss them.

    Martha Hostetler knocked this morning on my door this morning because this specific Amaryllis is in full bloom this morning. Her sister who passed away six years ago had planted these bulbs and every spring they bring forth their beauty. That is one thing about Amaryllis in Florida, they stay in the ground year round and bloom year after year.

    I was amazed at this little girl on the basketball court. She had her regular turn and each time she almost got the ball down the hoop, but never quite made it. She can't be more than 4-5 years old.

    For about six weeks we have the effects of Spring Break from up north. This week's children are from northern Indiana and Ohio; Holmes County and it's surrounding areas. And who knows how many other places. I assume many of them are on the beach during the daytime with their parents but in the evenings the park is a good place to be.

    The park is an attraction this week for people on Spring Break. Of course Spring Break doesn't mean much if anything for these older people but it does mean a lot for the children. Tonight the main attraction was the shuffleboard, all eight boards were occupied. These two couples are Weaver's. Mabel (Weaver) married a Paul and Junior Weaver married a Verna.

    Time to say "Good-bye".

    The Elite from Lancaster is making it's last run up north for this season. They were loading right behind the Tourist Mennonite Church this morning.

    While the CrossRoads from Indiana was loading in the backside of the parking lot. They left with a loaded bus with many of my Indiana friends that I learned to know over the last couple of years.

    This little girl came down with her Mom and had an enjoyable time but she was more than ready this morning to get on the bus and head home to her Daddy.