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When Elizabeth Thorn's husband enlisted to fight for the Union, she was left to fill in for him as the caretaker of Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg. She lived with her aging parents and three small sons in this gatehouse. After the battle of Gettysburg, it was up to her to bury more than 100 bodies in the cemetery, most of whom would be dug up later and re-interred in the National Soldiers Cemetery. Though she was 6 months pregnant at the time, she buried 13 corpses in one day in Aug…

"Cemetery Hill" General Hancock rallies retreating Union troops on Cemetery Hill, July 1st , 1863 at Gettysburg.

170 love letters written by a Union solider during the Civil War are being posted one at a time, 150 years after he wrote them.

After the Battle of Gettysburg, the discarded rifles were collected and sent to Washington to be inspected and reissued. Of the 37,574 rifles recovered, approximately 24,000 were still loaded; 6,000 had one round in the barrel; 12,000 had two rounds in the barrel; 6,000 had three to ten rounds in the barrel. One rifle, the most remarkable of all, had been stuffed to the top with twenty-three rounds in the barrel. During the chaos many soldiers had simply failed to fire their weapons.

A black Union soldier sits, posted in front of a slave auction house on Whitehall Street in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1864. The sign reads "Auction & Negro Sales".

President Lincoln at Antietam This photograph shows Abraham Lincoln on the Battlefield of Antietam. The battle of Antietam was the bloodiest day in American History. More Americans lost their lives in one day of fighting than in all previous wars combined.

Civil War-era cast iron casket unearthed in Kinston, N.C. Metal coffins were popular because they kept the smell of decomposition under wraps as soldiers' bodies were often transported a great distance to return home to a family cemetery.

1861. "Some wives insisted on staying with their husbands, which may have been the case with this woman, judging by her housewifely pose alongside a soldier, three young children, and a puppy. In addition to taking care of her own family, she may have worked as a camp laundress or nurse." I love how starkly the four faces stand out.

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40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

PoW Horace Greasley defiantly confronts Heinrich Himmler during an inspection of the camp he was confined in. Greasley also famously escaped from the camp and snuck back in more than 200 times to meet in secret with a local German girl he had fallen in love with.

A photo of three children which had been found in their dead father’s hand following the Battle of Gettysburg was published on October 19th 1863, in an attempt to identify the soldier.

Soldiers at the battle of Gettysburg. Three men are seen cooking over a small campfire.

Sallie Myers, 21 years old, nursed men in the churches and in her home in Gettysburg, 1863. She wrote in her diary: "I would not care to live that summer again, yet I would not willingly erase that chapter from my life's experience; and I shall always be thankful that I was permitted to minister to the wants and soothe the last hours of some of the brave men who lay suffering and dying for the dear old flag." She ended up marrying the brother of the first soldier she tended.