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    • S.V.M. Enari-Potter

      'Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.' - D. H. Lawrence. °

    • Julia Osborn

      2/7 Tambu's grandmother refers to Baba's life as being a romance. When people are I love they are usually in a trance and can think of nothing more than that other person. That is how Baba acts about his life. Tambu's grandmother is telling Tambu that her uncle is only living in a world where he believes everything the white people do is right. Just like the elephants love each other Baba thinks he loves his perfect life.

    • Mary Bogue

      Elephant Love - oh what an idea. Rob always brought me flowers. Mostly orchids or red roses.

    • Junior Explorers

      TruE LoVe! #Juniorexplorers #Happyvalentines #Flowers #Love

    • Silvia G.

      Go where the Love is🍃 #quote #Elephants #Love #Padgram

    • Misus Sharon

      1366x768 Lovely Elephants Wallpaper

    • Annika Anna Magaretha

      even animals are in love

    • Eilis Weber

      I love elephants <3

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    Elephant orphanage, Pinnawala, Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka

    haha...never seen an elephant at the ocean.

    "Elephant Mother and Calf" in Amboseli, Kenya, Africa by Barbara Jones ( ... It's so sweet when they rub trunks <3: Elephant Love, Wild, Animals, Mothers, Baby Elephants, Elephant

    “Baby Elephant” by Björn Mika elephant in water

    Elephant Bottom. Taken from ad for a zoo in Zurich, Switzerland - Imgur | Every 15 Minutes we lose another elephant to poaching for Ivory. When you like, share, pin from IvoryForElephants we gain media $$$ to help save them. #stoppoaching #elephants for #ivory #animals #extinction #babyelephants #animalbabies


    Touching - the absolute reason I adore elephants. Their compassion is so beautiful!

    Elephants are soulful creatures--they fall in love for a lifetime, mourn their dead, and create bonds that last forever.