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Early computers...The transistor-based UNIVAC 1108 supported up to three CPUs and up to 262,144 36-bit words of memory (more than 1 mb).

IBM System/370 Model 145, the first general-purpose business computer to use monolithic circuits in all memory and logic functions, circa 1970.

mainframe computer in the 1960s.

Univac 9400 mainframe computer system, circa 1969.

IBM was one of many mainframe hardware vendors in the earlier days of computing, along with Sperry-Univac, Honeywell, Burroughs, RCA, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Control Data Corporation (CDC), Data General, NCR, Amdahl, and others. Shown here is an IBM mainframe system.

Burroughs Mainframe.

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NASA Real Time Computing Complex - five IBM System/360 mainframes.