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This is the apple II the first house hold computer that was affordable and it also was quite capable to play games on when it first debuted

Apollo Domain System/DN300, 1981.

The PLATO V terminal of a Computer Assisted Instruction system (CAI), 1981.

Apple II promo - The early PCs. Couldn't imagine what you'd do with one other than store recipes on it.

Honeywell Information Systems Series 6000 mainframe computer system, circa 1973 ... Yes, I did work on one of these!

Check out this retro old PC advertisement. Can you remember your first PC? I can. I remember the day I received my first Spectrum +2 as a child in the 80′s, playing Oh Mummy and many other “cutting edge” games!

Not so much "cringe," as unintentionally funny in how aggressively lazy this attempt to "sex up"...whatever this machine is. It's like I can see the copy editor stub out a Winston and wave dismissively through the smoke "Ahh who give's a shit, these eggheads ain't getting laid anyway." TSP Plotting System.

Project Christine. Each module of the PC attaches not just the wired connections for each component, but a valve system that hooks up to the liquid cooling system

Apple III - 1980