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Tandem NonStop II System (1981).

Apple II #retro #computer

Xerox 8010 Star Information System, 1981

Apollo Domain System/DN300, 1981

Unicom Systems Ad.

Platovterm 1981

SABRE Reservation system.

Apple II, 1977

Amstrad TV and Computer System Ad.

Tracor Data Systems - 1970

Intelligent Systems Ad.

IBM System/360 and System/370 Reference Cards, 1960; 1979

IBM 5110 Computing System Ad.

Apple Macintosh II, 1987

"Introducing Apple II" Ad (1977).

Portable Terminal from Digi-Log Systems Inc (1976).

Project Christine. Each module of the PC attaches not just the wired connections for each component, but a valve system that hooks up to the liquid cooling system

DEC System 20, 1976

VAX Architecture Handbook, 1981

Atari 800 Personal Computer System, 1980

IBM PC 5150, 1981