Diff boots

The names Nicole. I'm originally from vermont but I live in North Carolina. I'm a country girl. I love to hunt and fish. country music fills up my itunes. I wear camo, carhartt, and cowgirl boots.


Love the shorts hoodie. I like the boots hat too, but Idk when I'd need those kind of boots

"Love these Boots!!" by crzrdnk77 on Polyvore

Country outfit with peacock feathers. I like this but not to crazy about the jeans or boots. No sense in buying boots to go with one outfit. really cute country outfit

Love it!

I'd ditch the hat and boots, cuz I don't live in Texas, but the pink lace with the torn up jeans =

Amazing cowgirl outfit!!

The Belt in the Dress is a Thick line. The Dress is a Monochromatic color. The Dress is a Rounded shapes. The Dress is a Ridged texture.