• Laura Barbosa

    So true! don't let people who make you sad or try, victimize themselves constantly, hence spreading guilt all around even to you live in you head rent free anymore, evict them ! . You'll have to cope with difficult family members, they are yours forever but CHOOSE your "friends" wisely. Keep any "friend" who doesn't motivate and appreciate you at a distance and out of your head cause they aren't paying rent and are likely destroying brain cells during their visit! Life is too short!

  • T

    Positive people feed you while negative people drain you. Up the cognitive real estate value and hang out only with those who feed you.

  • haya1812 Digital artist

    Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. raise the rent and kick them out!

  • Vicki McDonald

    Inspirational quotes to help you with life's daily problems...ENJOY!

  • Kara D'Arrigo

    True story!!!

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