• Jerry Merritt

    Despicable Me 2 - Official Trailer #2 (2012) Steve Carell, Al Pacino Animated | Hollywoodland Amusement And Trailer Park

  • Jonathan Havey

    "Despicable Me 2" Review: Full of Subplos, Annoying Characters and Nothing Despicable - The best analogy I can give you is if Heath Ledger’s Joker had reprized his role from The Dark Knight, but was a domesticated father with no magic tricks or scary smile. What would Batman have to do? Nothing… Nobody wants a villain to be a good guy ( except in Wreck-It Ralph). (Critically: 5/10) (Personally: 4/10) #DespicableMe2 #SteveCarell #KristinWiig #Vlizzards

  • Vicki Irwin

    So funny and cute

  • Anthony Garofano

    Chiquita Minion House Party Sweepstakes

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