owl tattoo :)


black and white owl this would be awesome as a tattoo between the shoulder blades. Might consider it...


cute owl tattoo


owl tattoo

Owl With Hourglass Tattoo.

Cute owl!

Quebec Stamp - Owl

owl tattoo.

I Love Owls:)

peter pan<3

tattoo idea to add to my forearm! Black And White Flower Tattoo. Adorable, don't you think? Quite like this. Not really what I originally thought but something about it appeals. Lacking in colour though...



Lovvvveee my obsession with birds <3

PERFECT! This is what I want for my tattoo!!! @ big elephants for Matt and I and 2 baby elphants for Mateo and Reef!!

Sugar skull design! My next tat will be similar to this! I'm getting it on one of my calves but haven't decided which yet!