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    ! I already shaved off 26 pounds. Do you want to loose weight. pw84Y.weight2122....

    So True!!!

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    Seriously waiting for that button!!!!

    Liquid chicken??? Eww, yuck! McDonald's Chicken McNugget experiment - where did the chicken go?

    Fun fact, here are the (only) four shapes of Chicken McNuggets, according to Barbara J. Booth, director of sensory science at McDonald's USA: Ball, Bone, Bell, & Boot



    You are a thousand things

    Make sure your doctor has a sense of humor...

    What to eat When...

    i never eat bananas!

    Eating Watermelon...

    When McDonald's playground was awesome!

    Wow never doing that again!

    I’ve got a question for you…

    yep ! I have already shaved off 28 pounds. Want to loose some pounds.

    free chicken strips.. i see what you did there..

    So true!!!