If only I could be so organized....

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Ultimate pantry organization

60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects - A place for everything in this pantry with awesome door storage. Organizing means utilizing every bit of space that you have. Use pegboards to hold things that can hang, baskets for groups of items and even the inside of your pantry door as a spice rack. Large pots can be stored on floor space below the bottom shelf and small bins are perfect for holding snacks and other items.



Pantry Organization

How Do You Store Your Stuff? What a simple fix to organize your garage totes all made with 2x4's and fiber board shelf.

figurines lego storage - framed as wall art for boys room or man cave (big bang theory geeky man cave!) I want to do this for my hubby..hehe..and possibly my future son(s).

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

pantry organization

3 Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks You Need to Know — simplehuman | Apartment Therapy



Organized pantry

pantry... corners should be designed like this to avoid wasted space.


Lots of storage space

Organized Pantry-love

Orchard Rack, 9 Drawer - Item #38-524 $179.00 (I'm sure I could make something for much less!)

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