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Sullivan's Island, S.C. Lieutenant Comdr. Edward Barrett and Lieutenant Cornelius N. Schoonmaker

Major General Joshua Chamberlain, hero of Little Round Top at Gettysburg, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, professor of rhetoric, Governor of Maine, and President of Bowdoin College. Last Civil War soldier to die of his wounds.

An infantryman from 7. Thüringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr.96, Rudolstadt…

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Civil War artillery battery (colorized).

Washington Artillery of New Orleans, Army of Northern Virginia Companies 1862 by artist Don Troiani

Connecticut Volunteers Heavy Artillery Civil War

Union drummer boy poses with his drum. The use of drums was not just to keep time while on the march. Rather these instruments were part of the communications. In an age before field telephones and radios, music was the best way to transmit orders to large groups of men over the noise of battle. The choice of drums, as well as bugles and fifes, was not random. Rather, the deep beat of the drum, the clear brass ring of the bugle and the high shrill note of the fife could cut through the ...