FREE Download: Animal Movement - Swim, Walk, Fly. Sorting cards and a Control Chart for 16 animals.

Animals of Africa Montessori 3-Part Cards

Animals in Winter - Printable Montessori Animal and Science Materials for Montessori Learning at home and school.

Free Baby & Mommy Animals Printables

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Animals of Asia for the Montessori Wall Map Quietbook with Free Printables

Want to make trays: Apple, pumpkin, leaf, turkey, tree, circle, heart, clover, flowers, square, triangle, star, crescent, bear...

Montessori Trays for a 3 year old in the home: these materials compliment not compete with the materials found at school.

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Animals by Continent Montessori downloads!

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Plants We Eat - Printable Montessori Nutrition and Health Materials for Montessori Learning at home and school.

Montessori Zoo Unit I have some great ideas on ways we are going to use these this year

Montessori Birthday Celebration walk: wasecabiomes — Celebration Sun and Season Mat (sold separately $65). This is the most beautiful material I have seen for this celebration. It is on my must have list.

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