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How monopoly rescued prisoners of war after WWII. This is so neat!

ROY ROGERS & DALE EVANS - Dell Publishing Co. Inc. - 1947.

What killed the soldiers can kill you, too.

Vintage pic: Red Cross nurse, children -- notecard from NoCrybabyDoGs, etsy

vintage red cross poster

Roy Rogers. King of the Cowboys, down-home country lad, and a chivalrous gentleman.

Since You Went Away: World War II Letters from American Women on the Home Front -- Paperback (310 pages) -- A fascinating collection among the six billion letters that were sent overseas during WWII that will transport the reader back in time to an unforgettable era.

During WWII, soldiers were known to take precious family photos and put them under clear grips on their 1911 pistols - called Sweetheart Grips.

Amazing Short Film on Old Time Radio Sound Effects: "Back of the Mike" (...

Lennon Sisters - Que Sera Sera

The Lennon Sisters. Singers just aren't this fresh-faced and sweet any more. I think Judith Durham was the last of this breed.

Auschwitz. When something unauthorized was found on a prisoner, like an extra piece of bread, he was subjected to this punishment. The artist who painted this picture, survivor Jan Komski himself hung like this an hour a day for three consecutive days because he brought food and medicine back to the camp after a day at work.

Consider supporting the 2014 WWII Veterans Dinner. We need to honor these men, so quickly passing from our world.

holocaust wedding rings...

1940s Snow Belles Zip Up Ski Sweater PDF by WearingHistory

"In 1943, Maria von Maltzan, a German aristocrat, took Hans Hirschel, her Jewish lover into her Berlin apartment to hide him from the Nazis. It was the time when the last Jews were supposed to be 'cleansed' out of Berlin. Since Hans had ingeniously faked his own suicide, he was registered as dead, and for a long while, no suspicion fell on Maria; until one day..." Read the rest of the story at the link.

WW2 First Aid Techniques

WW2 Medic - US Army First Aid Men

Epic WW2 Reenactment - Rockford 2012

The Real Reason America Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan

TB Warning poster from the 1920's

Soldier playing the violin on a tank. WWI

1920s Business Motivation posters