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Athens, one of my favorite cities because it is white, big, old and is in Greece (: also, great memories!

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History: Phillip of Macedonia conquered Greece in and took over in 338 BC and was assassinated two years later. His son Alexander the Great lead Greece to take over most of what is now the Middle East. The empire declined when Alexander died.

Istanbul Was Founded When - Bing Images

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Narrow Canal, Venice, Italy by riczkho

A Gondola ride is an absolute must when in Venice. We caught the Gondola in the evening near the Rialto Bridge, but a Gondola ride anywhere in Venice, at any time, is amazing.

TECNOLOGÍA DEL MUNDO ANTIGUO, HISTORIAS REALES - http://www.misterioyconspiracion.com/tecnologia-del-mundo-antiguo-historias-reales/

Parthenon - Featured on RueBaRue, considered the most architecturally and historically significant building in the Western World.

After hearing its history in 6th grade it sounds so interesting.

Walk The Great Wall Of China. # Bucket List # Before I Die # Dream Big I've already done this!