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Times Square Before and After get more only on freefacebookcover...

We ♥ NYC for Protecting Pregnant Workers How about it red states- going to catch up with rest of world

#Intention: In essence you want to arrive at an unquestionable certainty that what you are intending is your reality, and that you already are what you desire to be. And it is this which I believe to be the essence of ‘silently willing’ or in other words, intending. Is it something that can be cultivated? The answer to that question is repetition, and learning how to discipline our imagination, and emotions through repetition and diligent practice.

Times Square Map (Work in Progress) by _Untitled-1, via Flickr

Times Square from above. That is the infamous Broadway Street and is so famous for those twinkling lights 24/7! New York City, NY.

took Joe here and so happy we took the time. Between ferry ride, taxi to times square and back across to New Jersey cost us 110.00. The look on Joes face seeing Times Square priceless.

times square Might not seem like it, but that was an incredible amount of light for 1900, so the awe affect is the same, wouldn't you say?

Times Square, 1942, photo by Andreas Feininger  via mudwerks  (by John McNab)