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Audrey Kawasaki

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audrey kawasaki come play with me Oil on wood 11x24 Haloween group show @ Galerie d’art Yves Laroche 2007

some people are so talented and interesting. some of her art is just kinda weird but i think this one is really pretty

Blue Lacey -close-up - graphite on paper "Hajimari"Jonathan Nafarrete Levine Gallery in NY 2009 (jg) © Audrey Kawasaki 2004 – 2013

Translucent on wood: Audrey Kawasaki's art amazes me all the time. Her almost transparent way of painting reminds me of art nouveau and manga.

I fell in love with Audrey Kawasaki the instant I saw this print in Outre Gallery :)

Untitled - graphite on paper 'Smitten' @ Thinkspace Gallery 2007 (jg) © Audrey Kawasaki 2004 – 2013

Audrey Kawasaki Things Unsaid oil, ink, and graphite on wood 16 Scope Basel art fair with Thinkspace Gallery 2013

This silhouette kinda reminds me of the charcoal sketch of my mom, Laura Bailey Thanks to Jocelyn Armstrong, for the introduction to Audrey Kawaski : )

Japanese modern art Oiran oil on wood 20x28 Smitten @ Thinkspace Gallery