• Vickie Wittmayer

    A mother's determination: Elephant rescues baby trapped in mud "I saw the older baby elephant and the mother cross the watering hole with no problems. But the younger one started to slither because of the mud," Cano told Rex USA. The male baby elephant was unable to climb up the slippery bank and started to slide down. That's when mom sprang into action. http://animaltracks.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/09/12644719-a-mothers-determination-elephant-rescues-baby-trapped-in-mud?lite#

  • April Doornbos

    Mother's determination: Elephant kneels + drags baby with trunk if you think for one moment they animal mothers love their offspring any less than we do guess again

  • Margaret Sullivan

    This month-old calf - young male needed a helping hand from his concerned mother to escape the sticky mud after wading knee deep into the quagmire. She swiftly, if not elegantly, plucked the inexperienced baby to safety by his tail.

  • Brenda Stembridge

    A mother struggles to save her baby. (Marina Cano / Solent News via Rex USA) Elephants are so selfless...and they mourn for their dead family members (even carry their bones around with them...they may have gone long distances but recognize their family's bones!) for a while. It's so sad to see, but fascinating, too. :(

  • Animals are Bliss

    Mother Elephant helping her Baby Elephant Calf out of a Ditch it fell in - True Motherly Love!

  • Natalia Fernandez

    Elephant rescues baby trapped in mud. Photo by Marina Cano / Solent News via Rex USA via Animal Tracks :)

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