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Pinner said: In general I find the whole notion of pregnancy photography really challenging. So much of it is too cutesy, precious and, subsequently, generic. I like that this has a sense of humor instead of being so self-serious.

Tara Harmon Frey I feel like this is something you would do if you ever HAD to have a pregnancy photo shoot, but lets be honest your Mom will probably make you! ;)

Ready to Pop caramel popcorn. so cute for a baby shower.

pretty pink table and decor, different kinds of popcorn for a "ready to pop" shower

ideas for documenting a second (or third, or fourth) pregnancy. will have to keep in mind for the future

who looks this good preggers? seriously..

Sorry if you think this is cool, but the last thing I want to portray about my current body status is that I'm a giant and my husband is a tiny creature whom I will eat/crush at any given moment. Sorry, not sorry.

I HATE naked preg belly pics, but this one is cute! Maybe cause she's not in a bra and not in a dark weird studio!