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Headboard with hidden "gun rack."

Hidden Bedside Gun Safe Nightstand - Traditional

Such a beautiful gun

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Now this is nice.


Free tutorial! Build a simple blowback rubber band gun - YouTube Hopefully my daughters will give me grandsons son I can make this for them

Great Hidden Storage Gun Cabinet

Wooden Corner Shelf/Hutch/Cupboard, Hidden Gun Rack/Holder, Rifle Rack and Drawers

Custom Furniture with Hidden Compartments - Zint Designs - Custom Texas Furniture TX - Zombie Apocalyspe furniture

secret compartment headboard

Covert Furniture - Bed Headboard with Hidden Gun Storage ~~ wonder if Kevin could make this?

How to Make Secret Compartment Furniture | StashVault

Hidden Gun Compartment Behind Sliding Wall Grate. Could also put grate on a piano hinge for easy opening. Good way to hide a weapon in a convenient, but overlooked location. Place them throughout the home.

Covert Furniture - Practical Designs with Hidden Compartments

Gun Room

Bed Gun Safe. Looks like a good place to hide in plain sight. But who wants to mess with the mattress to get a gun, and gun safe doors are very heavy.

Hidden Guns: Covert Art - Journal - guns, firearms, rifles, shotguns, assault weapons

I want one !!! Secret Underground Firing Range

#Protection #Survival - Sliding Top Secret Compartment Nightstand (hidden #Gun Storage?)

Covert Furniture - Practical Designs with Hidden Compartments