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Ermo Raapana (1921-1997) Waffen volunteer. The photo was taken while he was visiting his father, at his hunting lodge near Rukajärvi, Finland, on June 2, 1943.


A young enlisted panzer crewman wearing a Schutzmütze (Black Panzer Beret). The 30 October 1935, a standard had been established for the wearing of insignia on the black panzer beret but the 15 January 1941, the black panzer beret was abolished and replaced, however, it was maintained for crews of the Panzer type 38(t), of Czech manufacture, for drivers and co-drivers of armored personnel carriers.

Defence of Moscow.A group of German soldiers captured during the battle of Moscow. Winter 1941 -1942

A German soldier with a Stg-44 assault rifle. Note the unique magazine pouches.

✠ Horst Naumann (December 23rd, 1921 - November 27th, 2000) RK 04.01.1943, Unteroffizier, Geschützführer i. d. 3./Stug.Abt 184

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