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Magazine paper rolled up and glued to a balloon. Burst balloon after drying.

"Tutorial for coiling magazine pages for projects" Good tips for making the process consistent and easier.

10 Cool Crafts to Make with Old Magazines

This wall art was made by rolled up strips of magazine paper, glued together.

I am going for my glue gun. On the blog, they discuss the what if it gets wet problem. Trying to come up in my mind with a design using plastic recycling....Challenge for anyone else?

Crafty string bowls! Using string (dipped in wallpaper glue) on a balloon! Pop the balloon when dried, simple & easy!

This is the best recipe for paper mache paste that I have ever used! It dries hard and clear. ~M

Magazine Boxes

recycled magazines

Recycled magazines never looked so funky! Each bowl is handmade and organically shaped without the use of a mold, so each one is perfectly unique. This

VJuliet: DIY Confetti Bowl

Glue buttons together on a balloon. Once glue had dried, pop balloon ! And there you have a button bowl!

toilet paper roll faces :)

Using old magazines

So much better than giving away tupperware with treats :) This is freakin genius. What a great idea.

Use scrapbook paper to make a flower on a canvas. way cool. - can also use magazines

Cover a light bulb with a doily and spray paint it. The light will shine the pattern onto the walls

Paper Flower Garland - Paper Garland - Paper Garlands

Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips and glue!