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40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts

40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts. Most are common sense if you've played with your iphone already, but there were a couple really good ones. I suggest this if you have an iphone.

“The best camera is the one you have with you.” Check out the designs/art in this iPhoneography eBook. Will you join us in 2012 for a photo project?

Life Passes in an Instagram

“The best camera is the one you have with you,” An iPhone version of Project Benefits of doing Project 52 or Project 366 on a smart phone? Click through,then join us for

Place iPod or MP3 player in a bowl to make a quick, impromptu speaker.

25 Household Tricks to Make Your Life Easier — The Daily Buzz

Simple idea works great: Bowl as iPod speaker. Place your iPhone or iPod in a bowl and crank up the volume. The concave shape of the bowl will amplify the music.

The fastest and cheapest way to backup and print all of your iPhone/Android or cell phone photos. So easy it's crazy! Now I can finally stop getting that dreaded "not enough space" warning when I try to take a photo.

Easy and cheap way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos. Comparisons of different programs and examples for a no-fuss process. Do something with those thousands of photos you have saved and make room for more!

The 50 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2013

50 Best Free iPhone Apps for 2015

The 50 Best Free iPhone Apps of - Adobe Photoshop Express

Do you run out of space on your iphone???? 6 SURPRISING tips to free up space, especially tip #4!!

6 Surprising Ways to Free Up Space on Your Iphone

Hate getting that dreaded pop up on your phone letting you know you're OUT OF ROOM! Read these surprising ways to free up space on your iphone without deleting apps!